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Does running leave you gasping for air?

Once you have mastered the proper techniques for breathing, you will be able to go through and maintain your pace throughout your mud run. Improper breathing can cause many problems for an individual, so take the time to learn what you can do to optimize your lung capacity and prevent hyperventilation.

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Cedar Lake Cellars – The Place After The Race

Cedar Lake Cellars is Missouri’s best winery experience and it is adjacent to THE BATTLEGROUNDS™ course. We encourage you to bring a change of clothes so that you can enjoy all that Cedar Lake Cellars has to offer. After you run, or watch your friends or family members run, stay for a little Rest & Relaxation! Clean up in our free shower facilities then come to “The Place After the Race”

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Preparing for THE BATTLEGROUNDS™ 5 mile Mud Run

Preparing for the mud run doesn’t have to be as grueling or intense as one might think. All it takes it planning ahead of time and getting your body into a routine that will help you soar through the run without any complications. Training and proper implementation of these techniques will help ensure your success and a solid finish at the mud run.

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1 Volunteers Account of THE BATTLEGROUNDS™

I really enjoyed the experience, of watching people challenge themselves to do better than the last person, to challenge themselves to do better than they did before. Some people were serious, some people just wanted to see if they could get through it, not caring about their time…to see them accomplish it, made me smile.

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Let your kids get dirty!

Just read a great article at: Dirt – It Does a Body (and Soul) Good Here are just five ways (of many) that dirt can benefit your children. 1. Did you know that studies have shown dirt to be good for your

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