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May 2016 Results

Awards Mud runners of the entire 5-mile course in the elite wave are the only ones eligible for awards, which are presented to the top three winners in each category. View All Race Results & Photos You can find all

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Men To Watch

Yesterday we covered the women who will be tearing up the course on Saturday; today we will turn our focus to the men. The men’s field is full of great athletes, and it could be a close battle as they

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Women to Watch

The Battlegrounds obstacle race is only days away. The course is getting its final touches in preparation for record numbers of runners to toe the line and test themselves against the 30+ obstacles awaiting them. As an OCR World Championship

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What You Need

The Battle Checklist! Get ready, the race is almost here! Please review your Battle Checklist below. If you are in the Elite Wave, please click here. To learn more about the OCR World Championship qualifications, please click here. REMEMBER: Parking

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