Battle Corps

Meet the Battle Corps. Selected from throngs of highly competitive entries, our team stands proud and strong in representing our beliefs and values.


Their mission (with their teammates’ support and motivation):

to spread the word at races and events throughout the area that life really is better when battled.

Their code:

Be honorable
Be committed
Be motivated
Never settle
Never surrender
Never leave a man behind

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We welcome the Battle Corps into our proud family of awesomeness.

Nan Allen, 43

Lake St. Louis, Mo.
Registered nurse at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in the Heart Center
Three words that describe Nan: Outgoing, energetic and spontaneous.
Hobbies: Running, cross-fit and crocheting.
Training Tip: When the weather is bitterly cold, don’t dress too warm because you’ll overheat.
Pre-Race Meal: Protein bar, coffee and water.
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? You feel better about yourself when you’re challenged, so break out of your comfort zone and do something you don’t normally do.

medalNippy Niner Trail Run

Jason Rulo, 36

Chesterfield, Mo.
Owner of Assault Fitness, and Pinnacle Personal and Performance Training
Three words that describe Jason: Intense, focused and meticulous.
Hobbies: Obstacle racing, basketball, and spending family time with his daughter and two bulldogs.
Training Tip: Go hard or go home!
Pre-Race Meal: Nature Valley breakfast biscuits and 24 grams of a protein shot.
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? Live life to its fullest by challenging yourself every day.

medalNippy Niner Trail Run

Amanda Powers, 33

Overland, Mo.
Teacher’s assistant for Special School district
Three words that describe Amanda: Driven, friendly and helpful.
Hobbies: In addition to running, she also enjoys hiking, playing soccer, tap and jazz dance classes.
Training Tip: Listen to your body. (She learned that lesson after her second ACL surgery in order to prevent further injuries.)
Pre-Race Meal: A banana or granola bar and a small cup of coffee.
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? I go full force with everything. Not 90%. Not 100%. It’s 110%. Challenges in life should be met head on.

medalNippy Niner Trail Run

Leah Hensley, 33

St. Charles, Mo.
Licensed Mental Health Therapist
Three words that describe Leah: Determined, fun, and passionate.
Hobbies: OCR, spending time with family, working out, and being a “cheer mom”.
Training Tip: Find something that is fun – whether it’s lifting, running or playing in the mud – and strive to be the best you can be.
Pre-Race Meal: Egg whites, half a banana, and half an English muffin with peanut butter.
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? Passion in life and for life are really important. I am constantly looking to push myself to try new things that are a battle. When I rise up, I can beat whatever obstacle is in my way. I am strong. I am confident. That’s what makes me a warrior.

Ryan Steele, 27

Wentzville, Mo.
High school teacher
Three words that describe Ryan: Teammate, perseverance and goofball.
Hobbies: I love to read, hike, kayak and eat.
Training Tip: Just keep at it! As long as you’re doing something, you’re getting better. Also, always have a battle buddy to support and push you.
Pre-Race Meal: Plain bagel with peanut butter, banana, and Chocolate Zico Coconut Water.
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? To get something out of a situation, you have to put work into it because doing something easy won’t make you happy in the long run. It means I need to keep pushing myself to be just a little better.

Christopher Balven, 30

Wentzville, Mo.
Inventory Manager
Three words that describe Christopher: Competitive, relentless and passionate
Hobbies: Obstacle course racing, weight training, trail running and traveling.
Training Tip: There is nothing more beneficial than intensity. Whatever you are doing now, do it faster with less rest between reps and string in some running, rowing or stair climbing between those exercises.
Pre-Race Meal: About 1 ½ hours before a race I eat 1-2 cups of oatmeal with a banana or berries. Forty-five minutes before the race starts, I drink a protein/carbohydrate mixture of 10g of whey isolate and 1 scoop of Ignition from 1st Phorm. Fifteen minutes before, I down a GU Carbohydrate Gel to top off my glycogen stores before the race.
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? You won’t flourish by staying within your comfort zone, so enjoy what your body is capable of doing, find the extremes, and bring your friends and family along for the ride. No matter who you are or what you do, there will be challenges and obstacles. Make the choice to never settle; make the choice to be better.

Rob Fader, 45

Moscow Mills, Mo.
Three words that describe Rob: Integrity, loyal, passionate
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? You have two choices, let life happen or make life happen. Life’s better when battled means that you are making life happen and whatever is important to you is what you are battling for. Too many people let life control them and I believe that you must always push forward and improve yourself. The “battle” is to always be improving and to overcome whatever challenges life throws at you. As I tell my kids, we all suffer setbacks and challenges, what defines you is how you react to those challenges. Do you battle or let it defeat you? I battle.

Scott Wierzycki, 36

Belleville, Il.
Three words that describe Scott: Dedicated, hard-working, friendly
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? It means that you should not settle with where you are at now. You need to reach beyond your comfort level and strive to become a better you.

Megan Berg, 31

St. Charles, Mo.
Three words that describe Megan: Positive, fiesty, motivated
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? It means that you gain strength from anything that is thrown at you. When something challenging happens, it is for a reason. Usually you come out stronger because of it. It means that life is boring if there is no adventure. I would much rather be scared and face my fears then be bored in my comfort zone at home. You may fail, but you will never know unless you try.

Battling In Memory Of

Christina Fader, 45

Moscow Mills, Mo.
Special education teacher for Special School district
Three words that describe Christina: Reactive, adaptive, and self-aware.
Hobbies: Four kids that keep her busy playing sports.
Training Tip: She enjoys hiking, biking and running to get in shape.
Pre-Race Meal: Carbs up two days before the race by enjoying pasta.
What does “Life’s Better When Battled” mean to you? I’ve had many challenges in my life. I’ve lived with pain, surgery, and told I would not run again. Yet, here I am, living a life of adventure (I’m committed to running a half marathon in every state, and I’ve already done 17) … and I love the battle! No, I need the battle. It is who I am.