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War Games: The Battlegrounds Mud Run

“Fitness fanatics get bored easily. They want to test their strength and overcome their fears. Mud runs separate the weak from the strong. If you think you’re fit, you might believe otherwise after attempting our race.” That’s owner Carl Bolm,

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Get Outta The Cold…

And Into Some Indoor OCR Training Wintertime doesn’t mean you get a hall pass to stop exercising. Put a little heat into your workout by exploring two St. Louis alternatives to the snow, ice and sleet. KōR Integrated Fitness 546

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Adding Mud to your Workout

Try the Sty Ever heard the expression “happy as a pig in mud?” Mud adds delirium to everyone’s life – from this little piggy to that healthy human. Plus, it’s the perfect addition to any fitness regimen. Mix It Up

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Training for a Mud Run

Training has different meaning for everyone.  A spry youngster might want an intense, I-can-barely-hold-down-my-breakfast type of experience.  A more mature participant just wants to check it off his bucket list to show he came, he saw, he kicked some muddy

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