Meet Team: We’ve Got The Runs

“Don’t back down from challenges. If something scares you, that is likely the exact thing you should do.”

Meet We’ve Got The Runs
This team of 20 conquered The Battlegrounds together for this first time this past May. We spoke with Eric, team captain of We’ve Got The Runs, on the team’s journey and experience.

What 3 words would you use to describe your team?

Adventuresome. Encouraging. Supportive.

What is the goal behind your team and how did it start?

I’ve run a ton of obstacle course events. The majority of my teammates were my coworkers and have heard me talk about obstacle events (probably more than they cared). I wanted to have them join me and The Battlegrounds was the perfect event as it was close to home, and the course was the perfect distance for them to get introduced to obstacle course racing. In the end several of our teammates had run a Tough Mudder before, so the team was the perfect mix of mostly first timers with the support of some experienced racers.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in your life and did your team play any role in helping you overcome it?

My biggest challenge in life was medical school and residency training that followed. Several of my teammates know me from when I was still in training. They’ve seen me learn and grow, and supported me through the challenge of medical training.

What does life’s better when battled mean to your team?

As health care workers in the intensive care field, we understand that people face challenges every day. Battles aren’t just on the battlefield. As we have cared for patients and interacted with their families, we have been inspired by the courage of others. As this was a new experience for most of our team, there were a lot of fears to be battled and overcome on the course. But as we faced them together we had a blast!

What is your team’s favorite Battlegrounds obstacle?

The Gauntlet! Everyone was able to find a lane that was the right challenge level for them. And we loved that we could go back again and again and try other lanes or retry lanes that we had failed.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I actually ran the course three times on May 20th. I ran in the elite competitive wave, then with a team of friends from church, and finally I ran with coworkers on the team We’ve Got the Runs. The event was a ton of fun!

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Don't back down from challenges. If something scares you, that is likely the exact thing you should do.