Meet Eric

“Never quit and never give up – life is too short.”

Eric Aston is a beloved member of The Battlegrounds team, as well as its sister companies – BSR Services and Cedar Lake Cellars. This past December, Eric had a life-changing diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. His positive attitude and determination through this battle are incredibly inspiring and we encourage you to follow his journey through his Facebook page.
We are dedicating our May 19th race to supporting Eric’s journey – $1 per runner will be donated to help aid in his medical expenses.

The Day Eric’s Life Changed

December 11, 2017, is the day that changed my life forever. After an entire day of sleep and round the clock pain medication for an intense headache that wouldn’t go away, my fiancée and I headed to urgent care. In addition to fluids and a migraine cocktail, the on-call doctor ordered a CT scan just to be safe. Because my headache was worsening quickly, we sat in a dark room waiting for the results.

When the doctor returned with the results, they weren’t exactly what we had expected. They had found a baseball-sized mass located on my frontal lobe, and she explained these kinds of masses were usually cancerous. An ambulance was on its way to take me to Barnes for a consult with their neurology team.

I felt a single tear roll down my cheek, and my fiancée, who was visibly shaken by the news, asked if I was scared. I calmly replied, “yes.” And that was the day that would change life as I knew it.

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?

Hard-working. Honest. Smart.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in your life?

The biggest obstacle I have overcome in my life thus far is receiving and dealing with the diagnosis of terminal brain cancer.

At first I didn’t understand what the neurologist said. It wasn’t until the drive home that it hit me that he gave me two years to live. That’s when the tears started. Ya know, you are going through life – 31 years old – thinking you have plenty of time to do anything. Then came the flood of emotion from the thought of not living to see your kids graduate, get married, or even get a drivers license. I can’t even describe that.

The thought of having only a short amount of time to fit in an entire lifetime definitely shifts your perspective – and having my fiancée there with me at every doctors appointment, blood draw, and checkup has been the only way I have made it this far.

Since that day there has been more and more positive news that is pointing to having much more than two years.

What does life’s better when battled mean to you?

Battling life is what makes you who you are. It really makes me appreciate life more – knowing that I do not have as much time as others.

What do you like most about working for The Battlegrounds and its sister companies, BSR Services and Cedar Lake Cellars?

One of my favorite parts of working for The Battlegrounds, BSR, and Cedar Lake Cellars, is how big the company is while having a small feel to it. It’s like family; everyone knows everyone. We are all there for a common goal, and we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We take our jobs very seriously, but we have a good time doing it.

What is your favorite memory from working The Battlegrounds events?

My favorite memory was definitely the spring 2017 race. Bad weather threatened the course, and five of us weighed the pros and cons of every major detail of each obstacle. We had to make a quick decision, and decided to have the race. With rain coming down, we had to think on our feet, figuring out where to park 5,000 cars, how to manage all of the runners down the course safely, etc.

What is your favorite Battlegrounds obstacle?

I would have to say my favorite would be the cargo nets. I like being up high because it reminds me of going to Silver Dollar City each summer as a child, and climbing around the big play place!

What advice do you have for others?

If I could offer a single piece of advice, it would be to never give up! Life’s too short to quit, and I certainly know this now. When things seem to be getting too hard to handle, just remember how you feel after finishing the race, and hold onto that feeling!

A Note From The Race Director

Eric is an integral member of our work family so that means we’re in this fight together. His strength and courage are an inspiration to every life he touches, and we couldn’t be prouder of him as he faces this challenge with the determined spirit of a true warrior.

We at The Battlegrounds have his back both emotionally and now financially as $1 of each ticket purchased will go toward Eric’s medical expenses. Here’s to Eric’s personal battle that we will fight alongside him…every single step of the way.


– Bob Holm, Race Director

Eric’s life is forever changed, but he wears his Battlegrounds race shirts to every chemotherapy treatment as a reminder that Life’s Better When Battled.

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