Men to Watch

After taking a look at the amazing athletes on the women’s side of the field, it’s time to turn our attention to the men ready to toe the line at The Battlegrounds. The 5 mile course ahead of them will test every bit of their running skill, strength, endurance and obstacle efficiency. This year’s race promises to have a lot of excitement in the Top 10. With all 4 of the top racers from 2016 not scheduled to return, there will be a new champion standing on top of the podium. Let’s take a look at the top competitors in this year’s race.

Cody Peyton

Cody is the highest finisher from last year who will be returning to do battle on Saturday. As a member of the Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team and sponsored athlete of Team Strength & Speed, he has all the experience needed to make a statement when the gun goes off. He has a distinct advantage with his obstacle proficiency and will need to push the pace to hold off some of the other fast runners.

Scott Wierzycki

This speedy Battle Corps athlete is dying to claim his spot on top of the podium. Scott recently had a 2nd place finish at Bonefrog Talledega in March, and was the 6th place overall finisher at last year’s event. I expect him to be making it tough on anyone who steps up to challenge him.

Zach Herren

This local runner is no stranger to the Battlegrounds. Zach has made a regular appearance in the Top 10 and finished 7th as recently as last year. The back to back champion of the Colossal Crusher at the Crusher Race in Eureka, MO has the ability to challenge for the lead on any given day.  

James Milliner

Jimmy came out of nowhere last year and shocked the field by placing 9th overall despite losing his shoes during the race.  That didn’t stop him, he finished the course barefoot and showed off his incredible grit.   He now has the right shoes on his feet and everyone is aware of the natural ability he possesses; the top competitors better not underestimate him.

Jason Rulo

This Battle Corps athlete and owner of Assault Fitness has all the experience needed to drop a high level performance on race day. If you want to know the science behind optimal training for OCR then talk to Jason, he just might be “Better than Google”. That training prowess mixed with a lot of hard work and dedication has Jason operating at a high level this year. I expect him to be in the top 10 and making his presence known.

Vinny Dzierzynski

Vinny might be one of the most soft spoken individuals I’ve encountered in OCR. However, when Coach Pain yells,“Goooooooooo!” Vinny will be at the front of the pack. He is somewhat of a legend at the Dirt Runner OCR venue in Marseilles, IL.  He can move through obstacles with ease and will be not only fighting for an age group win, but a spot in the top 5 overall.

Lucas Pfannenstiel

Have you ever heard the phrase, Mohawks win races? No?  Well you just might here it on Saturday!   Lucas is a highly talented athlete and member of the Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team. I have no doubt he will be somewhere in the Top 5 when the mud is washed away.

Other Notable Athletes

David Mainprize

The owner of Conquer the Gauntlet and 2016 OCR World Championships’ 3k Journeyman World Champ, will be bringing the heat on race day.   He loves to remain modest, but there is no doubting that David has speed to kill.

Christopher Balven

A member of the Battle Corps and sponsored athlete on Team Strength & Speed. Chris has 3 top 10 finishes at previous Battlegrounds events but missed the 2016 race.

Jason Pritchett

Trained by KOR Komplex, Jason always is a tough competitor making a fight for his place in the Top 10.

Scott Brackemyer

One of the new additions to the Battle Corps race team in 2017, this will be the highly decorated Masters athlete’s debut event with the team.

Michael Salguero

Michael recently had a top 10 finish at a Warrior Dash; that means speed.  You simply don’t get into the Top 10 at those events unless you can run, and that speed will carry over to the Battlegrounds.

Kevin Reiseck

Kevin is also a member of the Battle Corps team representing the Battlegrounds.   He will be ready to make his mark and give a high level performance on his new home turf.

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