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Meet Eric

“Never quit and never give up – life is too short.” Eric Aston is a beloved member of The Battlegrounds team, as well as its sister companies – BSR Services and Cedar Lake Cellars. This past December, Eric had a

Meet Team: Beyond the Gym

“Life is more fun when you “go for it” and you are an active participant in your life.” Meet Beyond The Gym This team of eight has conquered The Battlegrounds together three races in a row! We spoke with Casey,

Tough Mudder Coming To Cedar Lake Cellars

Cedar Lakes Cellars Named Exclusive Missouri Venue for Tough Mudder

Meet Andre

“Constantly reach for your goals outside of your comfort zone and you will be surprised by what you accomplish.” Andre was the winner of our Father’s Day contest this past June, and just ran his first Battlegrounds race on September

Until We Mud Again

3 ways to get ready for May’s race Year-round training is essential when crushing a mud run. Here are some tips to staying in shape and ultimately conquering the brown-bodied beast. Be versatile Train whenever and wherever you can to

Meet Kim

“I accomplished so much more than obstacles that day. I am grateful for The Battlegrounds and the amazing experience I had.” Kim spent years looking after her ill son – helping him through a heart transplant and recovery – with

Meet Angela

“Life is a one-time gift. Challenge yourself and never take it for granted.” After being diagnosed with a chronic illness, Angela refused to accept a new life of regular blood draws, doctors visits and endless testing. She took charge of

OCRWC Review

They Battled. They Conquered. Our Battle Corps team took to Ontario, Canada last weekend for the OCR World Championship! Five team members, five different perspectives of this international event. Read about their experiences below! Chris’ Experience What moment was the

Meet Bryan

“You can never be truly proud of yourself if you never test yourself.” Bryan and his wife are both active duty military, stationed in Omaha, NE. They love to travel to run races and signed up for The Battlegrounds with

September 2017 Results

Awards Mud runners of the entire 5-mile course in the elite wave are the only ones eligible for awards, which are presented to the top three winners in each category. View All Race Results & Photos You can find all

What You Need

The Battle Checklist! Get ready, the race is almost here! Please review your Battle Checklist below. If you are in the Elite Wave, please click here. To learn more about the OCR World Championship qualifications, please click here. REMEMBER: Regular

Meet Lauren

“Success is found smack-dab in the middle of the battle – when we decide to push past the ‘suck’ and the ‘can’t’.” An Olympic Taekwondo Athlete & Four-Time Battlegrounds Competitor Lauren battles through life like a balancing act. She is