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Meet Joshua

“Nothing is more valuable in life than something you had to ‘battle’ to obtain.” Joshua is on a journey – using obstacle racing as a tool to overcome personal battles. What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?

Meet Kayla’s Muddy Angels

“Life is short, so battle for the people and things that make you happy while you have the chance.” A Team Brought Together By Tragedy After the loss of Kayla Haarmann, Kayla’s Muddy Angels was formed to celebrate her life

Meet Rob

“We all suffer setbacks and challenges, what defines you is how you react to those challenges. Do you battle or let it defeat you? I battle.” Meet Rob: Father & Battle Corps Member After the loss of his wife and

Meet Don

“OCR gave me a new life. One in which I am fearless, determined, and ready for anything that comes my way.” After a history of being told he would never run again, Don walked into CrossFit Edwardsville and told the

Meet Amanda & Katrina

A dynamic duo and unbelievable support team, Amanda and Katrina conquered The Battlegrounds together in May 2016. Both women are on a journey of self-betterment and motivate others to do the same through an annual Biggest Loser contest at their

Meet Joshua

In January 2016 Joshua was restricted to a wheelchair due to a chronic condition. In June 2016 he conquered The Battlegrounds course at the 1st Phorm and Supplement Superstores national friends and family Summer Smash event. What inspires us most

May 2016 Results

Awards Mud runners of the entire 5-mile course in the elite wave are the only ones eligible for awards, which are presented to the top three winners in each category. View All Race Results & Photos You can find all

Men To Watch

Yesterday we covered the women who will be tearing up the course on Saturday; today we will turn our focus to the men. The men’s field is full of great athletes, and it could be a close battle as they

Women to Watch

The Battlegrounds obstacle race is only days away. The course is getting its final touches in preparation for record numbers of runners to toe the line and test themselves against the 30+ obstacles awaiting them. As an OCR World Championship

What You Need

The Battle Checklist! Get ready, the race is almost here! Please review your Battle Checklist below. If you are in the Elite Wave, please click here. To learn more about the OCR World Championship qualifications, please click here. REMEMBER: Parking

Meet Julie

If you’ve met Julie before, then you know… SHE. IS. AWESOME. Before we share her Battle thoughts, we’d like to share the top 5 reasons why we like Julie:5. She has an amazing positive energy and outlook on life.4. She

Meet Scott

One of the obstacles that our course is known for is The Gauntlet. This huge wooden structure consists of 6 lanes of varying challenges hovering above a giant pit of water. Each lane is pretty intense. Conquering them all is