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Training Tips For The Big Day: Part One

The Battlegrounds’ experts provide plenty of helpful hints to prepare for our upcoming May 20 race. Our Battle Corps’ team members all agree – right now is one of the most difficult times of the year to train. The weather

Meet Halii

“A family that battles together, stays together!” Halii ran her first Battlegrounds race in 2015 and couldn’t wait to conquer the course a second time. Early in 2016, she became pregnant with her first child. Excited for this new journey,

Meet Chris

“Nothing is going to be given to you in life. Everything that is worth anything needs to be worked at.” Two years ago, weighing over 400 pounds, Chris made a decision to change his life and become the best version

Meet Chuck

“Keep plowing straight ahead, regardless of what is put in front of you.” Chuck celebrated his 60th birthday on May 21st of this year by conquering The Battlegrounds 5 mile course. He takes on life with the attitude that no

Meet Elysa

“Stand up for yourself and be true to who you are, even if it’s a struggle.” Elysa’s Journey After overcoming hurt caused by bullying, she has found confidence in herself and her strength – both internal and physical. To Elysa,

Meet Mud Floppers

“The world can hand you your accomplishments – or you can fight for them yourself, knowing in the end you earned them.” Meet Mud Floppers This team of 13 conquered The Battlegrounds together for this first time this past May.

OCRWC Review

They Battled. They Conquered. Our Battle Corps team took to Ontario, Canada last weekend for the OCR World Championship! Six team members, six different perspectives of this international event. Read about their experiences below! Jason’s Experience What moment was the

Meet Hot Toddies

“Never be scared of goals you want to accomplish – especially if you have people who would be willing to help you accomplish them.” Meet Hot Toddies This costume-loving team is proof that life is better when battled together! They

Good Luck At The OCRWC

GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO QUALIFIED FOR THE OCRWC! Special shout out to Adrian Bijanada, Rachelanne Gladden, Brad Kola, Brett Stewart and the staffs of the OCRWC and – as well as The Battle Corps and all the athletes

Meet Shawn

“In life we have two options: Coast by and just go through the motions, or take risks and fight your way to the top. Do the things that seem hard or scare the crap outta you, and enjoy the reward

Meet Joshua

“Nothing is more valuable in life than something you had to ‘battle’ to obtain.” Joshua is on a journey – using obstacle racing as a tool to overcome personal battles. What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?

Meet Kayla’s Muddy Angels

“Life is short, so battle for the people and things that make you happy while you have the chance.” A Team Brought Together By Tragedy After the loss of Kayla Haarmann, Kayla’s Muddy Angels was formed to celebrate her life