Prepare For Battle

2018 Training Program

We are excited to announce our 2018 training program. The Battlegrounds has teamed up with Assault Fitness and Jason Rulo, as well as KOR Komplex, to offer a training program to help participants prepare for the upcoming race. All participants must be 18 years of age or older.

JasonRuloTraining led by Jason Rulo, owner of Assault Fitness and member of the Battle Corps race team.

Jason is an obstacle racing veteran and Battle Corps member who has created a program that provides an entire training regimen:

  • Receive 10 on-your-own workout plans
  • Attend boot camps that are geared toward building your fitness level for the event
  • Learn valuable practical experience on obstacle completion

The full training program is included as long as you attend at least one Training Day event and will provide you the insight and information you will need to maximize your experience at The Battlegrounds. It makes all the difference when you are able to learn the proper techniques for obstacles and then practice skills like the rope climb, cargo net climb, running up the warped wall, and even what to wear (or not to wear) on race day.
For specific questions, please visit the Battle Corps race team Facebook page

Detailed Overview:

Bootcamps at Creve Coeur:

3/26, 4/9, 4/28, 4/30 – Fitness/conditioning through military style classes that incorporate calisthenics, bodyweight strength training, TRX, stairs/ hills, and sprints to improve race specific performance.

KOR Training Days:

3/19- Obstacle Training Basics (warped wall climbs, rope climbing, balance training, etc).
4/2- Obstacle circuits to improve speed on obstacles and continue to improve on basic skills from previous classes.
5/7- Advanced obstacle training for OCR (lache, aerial obstacles transitions, parkour basics)

BG Training Days:

4/16- 30 minutes of high level race conditioning followed by 60 minutes of obstacle instruction and practice.
5/14- Race Rehearsal. A practice race with option to repeat obstacles for practice. Q and A with Battle Corps as well.

Training Schedule Available:

Battlegrounds Prep
Boot Camp Schedule

Introduction / Warm up

  1. Burpee Progression Shuttle
    • Burpees – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 / Shuttle – 10 Yd., 15 Yd., 20 Yd., 25 Yd., 30 Yd.
  2. Fox Hole
  3. Trenches (if not frozen)
  4. Cargo Climb
  5. Walk Of Peril
  6. Fox Hole
  7. Tire Drag (rope pull and drag back)
    • Alternate with Tire Flips
  8. Run 1/2 Way To Steeplechase = BW Squats x 100
  9. Steeplechase (forward and back)
  10. Jungle Climb
  11. Creek Crossing
  12. 12 Ft. wall climb
  13. Wounded Warrior/ Dummy Carry (through woods)
  14. Hill Climb x 4
  15. Bail Out
  16. 100 Yd. sprints
  17. 30 Burpees
  18. Team Log PT (lifts, core, carry, etc)
  19. Core Work

Stretching / Cool Down