Training Tips For The Big Day: Part One

The Battlegrounds’ experts provide plenty of helpful hints to prepare for our upcoming May 20 race.

Our Battle Corps’ team members all agree – right now is one of the most difficult times of the year to train. The weather is working against you, the treadmill can get pretty boring, and chilly outdoor weather makes you rethink your workout apparel.
So get ready, get set and go read the following on how to prepare for your May 20 battle.

Indoor Training: Options and Opportunities

By Battle Corps’ member Leah Hensley

It’s easy to find yourself in a slump when it comes to cold weather training. It’s too cold to train outside, and motivation is often hard to come by. To keep that energy and excitement going, consider changing it up. Going to the gym is a convenient answer, but what about people without memberships or others who don’t want contract commitments? Fear not! There are plenty of options for those willing – and wanting – to try new things.

KōR Integrated Fitness
The Battle Corps’ go-to staple is KōR Komplex in St. Charles. It’s an indoor Ninja Warrior training gym that provides nearly every obstacle you see on television…and then some! They offer a parkour training corner to work balance, jumping, landing, and “flying” skills. They have classes for all levels, as well as open gym time to work on specific skills and techniques.

Upper Limits
Rock climbing trains the entire body for strength and agility. St. Louis has many rock climbing gyms including Upper Limits, which has several locations that offer one day passes with the option to rent equipment. After a quick introduction and demonstration, you can spend the entire day climbing and bouldering.

Sky Zone
Rockin’ Jump
These indoor trampoline gyms are perfect for training, and your kids will love them too! They offer hourly jump rates where you can get a great workout while having fun.

Non-Traditional Gyms
The YMCA, Rec-Plex, yoga studios, and cycle studios are available for people of all skill levels. Save money by looking for discounts, coupons and ideas (check out Groupon and Living Social). The most important thing is to keep it fun and add variety. There are many options to training and fitness right in our area, so there are no excuses for taking a break during the winter season.

The Battlegrounds 2017 Training Program
The Battlegrounds has teamed up with Assault Fitness and Jason Rulo as well as KOR Komplex to offer a training program to help participants prepare for the upcoming race. The four week training program starts March 18th – you can purchase the full package for $75, or sign up for the individual sessions for $25 each.


We hope these training tips provided by our Battle Corps’ team helps prepare you for our next race. If you have additional hints to share with our runners, email The Battlegrounds at We’d love to hear how you are getting ready for our May 20 race.

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