Training Tips For The Big Day: Part Two

The Battlegrounds’ experts provide plenty of helpful hints to prepare for our upcoming May 20 race.

Our Battle Corps’ team members all agree – right now is one of the most difficult times of the year to train. The weather is working against you, the treadmill can get pretty boring, and chilly outdoor weather makes you rethink your workout apparel.
So get ready, get set and go read the following on how to prepare for your May 20 battle.

Take the Brrrr Out of Cold Weather Training

By Battle Corps’ member Jason Rulo

The key to training throughout the winter is dressing for the cold. Everyone knows the basics: dress in layers, cover your head and ears, wear gloves, etc. Performance apparel has truly improved over the past 20 years, which makes staying comfortable easier than ever.

A good base layer
Under Armour Cold Gear (or a similar garment) is designed to hold a layer of air against the skin to help keep you warm. This type of fabric is also designed to pull the sweat off of your body.

Insulated mid layer
The extent of this mid layer varies greatly depending on the temperature, wind speed, and your own personal preferences. Lightweight insulators that provide plenty of warmth include fleece, a light wool, or down. The problem: you need to dress for 15 to 20 degrees warmer than it actually is. Don’t be overly warm because then you sweat too much and could get cold due to being wet.

Water resistance packable jacket
This is perfect if there is a light rain on training day. The absolute worst thing that can happen in the cold is for you to get wet. Wet clothing will suck the warmth right out of you!

Head-to-toe apparel
Make sure to keep your pulse points – includes areas where the arteries are close to your skin and where your blood will cool down quickly – covered. This is where a hat, scarf, gloves and warm socks come into play. Other important areas that are usually covered include the arm pits, elbows, wrists, groin, knee pits and, of course, your entire core.

Gloves are easy to carry and remove if you start to get warm. If nothing else, keep your wrists covered to help with your wrist pulse points (think sweatbands or the thumb sleeve tops.)

Smart wool socks are awesome in the cold. Unfortunately, a lot of the running shoes are meant to vent air in order to limit sweating, which means our feet freeze in the winter. Shoes like some of the Icebug models are made to provide a little warmth but, if you don’t have those, make sure you have a pair of Smart Wool socks for really cold days.

The key is to have what you need and implement it as necessary. Rather than simply avoiding Mother Nature, get out there and have fun in it. Just be prepared!

We hope these training tips provided by our Battle Corps’ team helps prepare you for our next race. If you have additional hints to share with our runners, email The Battlegrounds at We’d love to hear how you are getting ready for our May 20 race.

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