Training Tips For The Big Day: Part Three

The Battlegrounds’ experts provide plenty of helpful hints to prepare for our upcoming May 20 race.

Our Battle Corps’ team members all agree – right now is one of the most difficult times of the year to train. The weather is working against you, the treadmill can get pretty boring, and chilly outdoor weather makes you rethink your workout apparel.
So get ready, get set and go read the following on how to prepare for your May 20 battle.

Off Season Training To Get You Battle Ready

By Battle Corps’ member Scott Wierzycki

Now is the perfect time to build up your aerobic engine. Whether you’re running on a treadmill or outside in the cold, you should be slowly adding mileage to your training. A general rule to avoiding injury: do not increase your mileage by more than 10% per week. Always listen to your body and back off if necessary. Even though this is a phase that is focused on aerobic training, you still want to have some strength and speed training too.

Incorporate one long run per week into your training plan.
This length will vary based on your current fitness level. For a beginner, this could be half an hour or a couple of hours for someone with more experience. Your pace should be slow enough that you could still talk comfortably. If you have a heart rate monitor, use the MAF formula to figure out your correct pace. Increase your long run by a mile every few weeks.

Most of your training should be in the aerobic zones.
Besides the long run, you should have at least a few other days of aerobic training. You don’t always have to be running for these workouts. Options include biking, swimming, rowing or stair climbing. These are great low impact alternatives to give your joints a rest.

Add one speed workout per week.
This helps ensure you maintain speed during this phase. After a one mile easy warm up run, you can do eight to 10 30-second intervals at about 90% maximum speed with a minute or two break after each. Add in a few strength training sessions per week to build power and prevent injury.

We hope these training tips provided by our Battle Corps’ team helps prepare you for our next race. If you have additional hints to share with our runners, email The Battlegrounds at We’d love to hear how you are getting ready for our May 20 race.

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