Until We Mud Again

3 ways to get ready for May’s race

Year-round training is essential when crushing a mud run. Here are some tips to staying in shape and ultimately conquering the brown-bodied beast.

Be versatile

Train whenever and wherever you can to prepare for our next mud run. Cross training can mimic the effects of mud…if you’re creative.

Our suggestion: Make sure to stay in the aerobic zone with everything from biking and swimming to rowing and stair climbing. By changing it up, you give your joints a break so they don’t, um, break. Incorporate dynamic stretching before and after you run to improve your range of motion and increase your flexibility.

Be persistent

Obstacle course racing – which began in 1987 – had an estimated 5.6 million participants in 2016. That means you are one of the few and the proud who have attempted this exhilaratingly addictive adventure sport.

Our suggestion: Most training plans consist of 16 to 20 weeks, so we thoroughly recommend ongoing exposure to all heart-pumping activity during that timeframe. And remember: the more you mud the better you get!

Be a rock star

Show off your stamina with moves that prove baby, you were born to run. And climb. And submerge.

Our suggestion: If you want speed, then focus on speed…but don’t forget about strength training to build power and prevent injury. Incidentally, nearly half of all runners will get injured each year (predominantly in their lower extremities and specifically to their knees.) P.S. Even superstars crave their sleep which, according to studies by experts at the National Sleep Foundation, adults ages 18 to 64 need between seven to nine hours.

Hope this helps you gain a better understanding of what’s hip (don’t hurt yours), what’s hot (remember to warm up), and what’s now (it’s the perfect time to sign up for our May 19 race here.)

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