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May 2018 Wave Times

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Entries for May 2018 Wave Times

First Name Last Name Team Name Wave Time
Janie Leber ARCO - Fun Yeah! 11:30
Madison Baisch Show Me MOR 11:30
Jordan Peery ARCO - Fun Yeah! 11:30
Ashlynne Hambrecht Muddy Buddies 1:30
Eric Gerstein Muddy Buddies 1:30
Cory Lubinski Relentless Pursuit 11:30
Behzad Moghaddam ARCO - Fun Yeah! 11:30
Greg O'Neil Dy-no-mite! 11:30
Kristen Henderson Guilt Trip 11:30
Jamie Lynn Richardson   2:00
Charlie Wynn Integrity Strong 11:30
Stormi Hale Swamp Doggies 12:00
Rachel Hinnah Guardians of the Mud 11:30
Clint Carpenter   11:30
Chad Ridgway Show Me MOR 8:00
Justin Straussner Straussner’s Welding 11:30
Haley Martin A.P.E. Athletes 11:00
Jessica Ring We are here for the wine 1:00
Bobby Berger Shelbie's Tribe 11:30
Jordan Weber Shelbie's Tribe 11:30
First Name Last Name Team Name Wave Time
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