What You Need

The Battle Checklist!

Get ready, the race is almost here! Please review your Battle Checklist below. If you are in the Elite Wave, please click here. To learn more about the OCR World Championship qualifications, please click here.

REMEMBER: Regular event parking is free, but we strongly ask that you carpool and bring a food donation for Operation Food Search.
(Plus you’ll receive a raffle ticket to win awesome prizes just for donating!)
Click here if you are interested in purchasing VIP parking to guarantee a prime spot close to the action! (VIP parking is limited to 200 vehicles.)
  1. Download Your Digital Packet
    This year, we do NOT have a physical packet to pickup prior to the race. You will receive your bib and electronic timing chip (competitive and morning runners only) at registration on race day. (**Please note, your timing chip wristband is disposable. Please kindly put it into a trash can after the race.) However, please download this digital packet that includes a checklist, a course map and messages from our sponsors.
    Download Your Packet

  2. Arrival Time
    On Saturday 9/23, please arrive 60 to 90 minutes before your wave time. If you do not know your wave time, then click the button below to look it up through our online wave time directory.
    Look Up Your Wave Time
    No wave time changes will be permitted after 9/13/17.

  3. What To Bring:
    1. Combat – Put your game face on, grab your gear, and get ready to get down and dirty…really dirty! Really REALLY dirty!!
    2. Creds – Identification to sign in (and prove you’re 21 and older for that free post-race beer) plus to complete a waiver release so you can battle with your friends!
    3. Carpool – We’re looking at a minimum of 1,500 racers – and 1,000+ spectators – so parking is going to be tight. We love carpoolers!
    4. Cans – For every canned good you bring (it all goes to Operation Food Search to feed St. Louis’ hungry), receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win some amazing prizes. Feel great giving…and receiving!
    5. Shoes – Muddy shoes, that is. Leave ‘em with us so they can be donated to the needy in developing nations (proceeds benefit Operation Food Search.)
    6. Clothes – Bring extra clothes, clean up at our on-site showers, and then walk to our nearby Cedar Lake Cellars winery for an after-battle break.
    7. Chums – For your friends who just couldn’t commit to the race-of-a-lifetime, we offer free spectator admission. Other freebies: parking, gear check, festival area, and free kids’ mud zone for those 12 and under.
    8. Cash – For food, drink and Battle swag!
  4. Directions
    The Battlegrounds Mud Run is located (by Cedar Lake Cellars Winery):
    11008 Schreckengast Rd. Wright City, MO 63390 (google map)
    For additional parking information, click here. To purchase a VIP parking pass click here.
  5. Race Photos
    We want you to have the most race photos possible after your battle! Please click the button below and follow the directions from our photographer to make sure you get as many muddy shots as you can.
    Don’t Miss A Photo Op

  6. The Extras Are FREE
    Parking is FREE – gear check is FREE – spectators are FREE – kids are FREE… so bring your cheering crowd!
  7. HAVE FUN!!

8 a.m. & 8:15 a.m. 5-Mile Elite Wave Runners (EWR)

The 8 a.m. elite wave runners will compete against the best male & female athletes across all ages for a cash prize. The 8:15 a.m. runners will compete by age group only.

  • EWR will be wearing bib numbers 1–199.
  • Check in at the Elite Wave registration line for your bib, timing wrist band, and an obstacle completion wrist band (you MUST have this wrist band at the finish line to be eligible for awards).
  • After you register find a “marker volunteer” and get your bib number written on your head and any other exposed skin areas.
  • EWR must complete all obstacles. If you don’t complete the obstacle on your first time you can try again, but will need to get in the back of any lines waiting for that obstacle before you try again. At the Gauntlet you can pick any lane you want to.
  • Failure to complete an obstacle or cutting the course will result in disqualification, but you will still be timed.
  • To be eligible for awards, all EWR must check in at the timing booth after crossing the finish line to confirm your time, bib number, and to check your obstacle completion wrist band.

OCR World Championship Qualifications

We are proud and excited to be an OCR World Championship qualifying race! What does that mean? That if you meet the qualification standards, you can compete in the championship race on October 13th – 15th in Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada. Learn more about the race here.

  • You don’t have to be in the Elite Wave to qualify.
  • Top 3 finishers in each gender in the 8 a.m. Elite wave will qualify for OCRWC pro wave. (Must complete every obstacle.)
  • Top 10 finishers in each age group (18-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50 and up) in either distance (5k or 5 mile) will qualify for OCRWC competitive wave.

Race photography notice:

Your free photos are provided by Supplement Superstores, and will be available for download within the first week after the race here. To increase the likelihood of our photographers being able to ‘tag’ you in a photo, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Place the bib in the front-center of your torso.
    This is the easiest place to see the bib and ensures your bib won’t be cropped out of the photos. If you place your bib on your thigh, back, or side, our photographers won’t be able to read it and you won’t be able to search for your photos by your bib number.
  2. Ensure your bib is in the proper orientation.
    If your bib is upside down, backwards, or flipped, it may be difficult or impossible to read your bib number. Using four (4) safety pins to secure your bib in the proper orientation will makes it much easier for our photographers to tag your photos, meaning you spend less time searching for them all!
  3. Write your bib number on your upper arm or even your forehead!
    (Optional, but suggested)
    Using a sharpie, available at Registration, you or a volunteer can write your bib number on your arm(s) and/or forehead. This helps later in the course when you are covered in mud and your bib may be obscured by mud. It is best to write your bib number from top-to-bottom on your arms, running the length of your upper arm. Make sure it is not obscured by sleeves. Using at least 1 inch characters is a must, otherwise we might not be able to read the numbers. The bigger you can write, the better. If you write on your forehead, make sure you write left-to- right.

If you follow these tips, you greatly increase the likelihood of being tagged in photos! If we still aren’t able to tag you, you’ll be able to use our various search filters after the race to dig through the photos. If you have any questions, you can click here to contact the photography team at our website.

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